Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NJ/PA Elemental Formula Legislation

There is a new Facebook community to support elemental formula legislation in NJ & PA.  There will be a new bill introduced to the NJ legislature in March, 2012.  Information will be posted at

Assemblymen John Amodeo (R) and Chris Brown (R) will reintroduce A-3830, which, if passed, would mandate health insurance coverage for certain amino acid-based elemental formulas that are used to treat eosinophilic disorders.  Both welcome other assembly members to join them in sponsoring the bill.  Assemblyman Dan Benson (D) has already expressed a desire to do so.

If you reside in NJ, please meet with your local assembly representatives to educate them on this issue and request that they sign onto the bill. Assembly members' staff may contact Tom Suthard at Assemblymen Amodeo and Brown's office to indicate their interest in becoming a sponsor.  Their phone # is 609-677-8266.

Please share this information with others, especially those in the eosinophilic and food allergy communities, as well as those who are dealing with any other medical condition that necessitates treatment with elemental formula, whether delivered enterally or orally.

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